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Philosophy is central to my purpose for originally creating a  blog, and philosophy is, perhaps above all things, a conversation.

This most amazing conversation has continued, more or less uninterrupted, from the time of Thales of Miletus, roughly 2600 years ago, to this very day. There have been tangents that turned into dead ends. Like side conversations during a keynote speech, some of the participants stepped out of the room to continue their particular discussions, and thus the sciences and nearly every other field of human study or endeavor were born from this grand discussion.

As it is a discussion, rather than a lecture, it is appropriately a conversation in which many may join in. That is my goal with this web log. As it is my first web log, I am erring on the side of caution and moderating comments at first. As I get more comfortable and step a little deeper into the pool, so will the moderation gradually disappear, remaining only as needed to control spurious posts. Regardless, unless your contribution refers to penis enlargement, for example, the moderation will not affect content of your post. The place for discussion of the arguments (in the philosophical sense, free of personal animosity) is here, in the light of day, not behind the curtain with my red pen.

In addition, I welcome (and BEG for) your comments or suggestions about the style of the site or similar contributions. My stylistic ideas about web design tend to toward the Spartan, utilitarian side. Some call it hideous. I prefer to think of it as “lynx-compatible”.

In summary, WELCOME!

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Remove before flight

For those outside the Navy airdale community, “Balls” is the nickname given to each squadron’s aircraft whose number ends in “00”. This plane is reserved for the “CAG”, or air wing commander. The aircraft whose number ends in “01” is the squadron commanding officer’s aircraft. This A7-E is from my old squadron (Attack Squadron 22, now Strike Fighter Squadron 22, “Fighting Redcocks”) and is now on display at Naval Air Station Fallon, Nevada.


To see one of “my” birds on display as a museum piece breaks my heart because I know it intimately. I have walked on top of it, scurried beneath it, fueled it, crawled inside of it, and sat in its cockpit. It no longer serves the purpose for which it was built – to rain ordnance onto the heads of our nation’s enemies and keep our country safe. That torch has now been handed to the F/A-18 and its successors. I hope that the A-7E and other aircraft of its era that have been retired can serve an educational purpose, especially for our country’s young, to teach them to maintain a strong Armed Forces but strive always for a peaceful solution to disputes between nations. Those of us who have stood watch over this country, and those who do so now (including my two stepbrothers, one of whom survived being shot in the chest when his Kiowa Warrior helo was shot down in Iraq) and in the future, offer our blood and our lives to keep OUR nation safe, not to be spent cheaply on foreign soil. Let the politicians take up arms and fight their own wars of foreign aggression.

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