Near-Death Experience of the Day – Cheating Natural Selection

For reasons that aren’t really important to anyone who doesn’t know me personally, I take MS-Contin for chronic pain. I have since late 2007. Since that time, I have simply accepted the fact that I could no longer drink alcohol. The extreme danger of mixing central nervous system depressants such as alcohol and opiates is probably the one thing I retained from a high school drug-awareness course more than two decades ago. Today was an extraordinary day. I had an opportunity to reconnect with an old friend from my high school days, and it appeared that that would coincide with a chance to relive some long-dormant Rocky Horror Picture Show fun. In my excitement, two critical things happened: I forgot to take my MS-Contin this morning, and I allowed myself to forget for a few moments that I could no longer drink alcohol. While waiting for my friend to arrive at the small theatre she runs, I sought shelter from the heat in the pizzeria next door to the theatre and had a beer. Or rather, I had less than half a beer, followed by panic as I began having difficulty breathing and realized that, unusually, I was not carrying an epinephrine autoinjector (drug allergy). I clutched my cell phone, tried to hide my distress as I asked the waitress to bring me a soft drink, and waited it out. Ten minutes later, I was fine, but only because, by sheer luck, I had not taken the MS-Contin that should have been near peak plasma level at about that time,

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