Georgia’s Water Crisis and A Potentially Collossal Train Wreck

Georgia residents, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE take a moment to contact your elected officials in the Georgia General Assembly about this CRITICAL issue: Protect Our Waterways from Harmful Water Grabs

These water diversions would be devastating, not only to our river ecosystems, but also potentially to our drinking water supplies. In particular, the withdrawal of an additional 200 MILLION GALLONS every day from wells in South Georgia is of particular concern, even if you have no interest in protecting our beautiful state’s environment. The aquifers in South Georgia are already strained to or beyond their sustainable capacity. The Floridan Aquifer, in particular, is already being overdrawn, leading to seawater being drawn into municipal water supplies along the coast from Hilton Head, SC to Jacksonville, FL. The Floridan and other aquifers, in their natural state, are recharged with fresh water by rainfall in certain inland areas of our coastal plain. The water is filtered as it seeps through the ground , and it flows into the ocean through vents in the seafloor. By withdrawing more water from the aquifer than it receives as rainfall from the recharge zones, we effectively cause it to operate in reverse, drawing seawater IN through the vents in the ocean floor. No drinkable water on our coast would mean no tourism. What would the seawater do if introduced into Metro Atlanta’s water supply? What would it do to Atlanta’s antiquated sewer system? Or to the Chattahoochee and those downstream who rely on it for THEIR drinking water?

There is no time to lose. The 2010 session of the General assembly begins on January 11, 2010. Find Your Legislator – Project Vote Smart

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Green Energy from The Southern Company

Are you a customer of an electric utility operated by The Southern Company? I buy my electricity from Georgia Power, a unit of The Southern Company. I can’t be sure that my experiences hold true for other states served by The Southern Company or by EMCs that operate in some parts of those states. If you spot an error, don’t hesitate to let me know.

Georgia Power offers a program called Green Energy, where customers can elect to purchase power generated from renewable sources for a monthly premium of $3.50 (for wind, water, and biomass. $4.50 per month for solar) per 100 kWh each month in addition to the normal charge for the electricity consumed. That’s less than a cup of gourmet coffee per month to have 10% or more of the average home’s electricity produced from renewable sources! In starting my own experiment in a new (to me) house, I started off with a single block of solar energy. At this moment, I could add 45.00 to my electric bill, and ALL of my energy would come from solar. NO coal. NO nuclear power plants. And I can do it NOW, without saving up or taking out a loan to pay thousands of dollars for a home solar installation.

I have not lived in this house to have a year-round baselineof its energy consumption. That’s my first priority, followed by maximizing opportunities to conserve energy – the cheapest option is not to consume the energy at all! After that, I’m planning to set up budget-billing and and purchase ONLY solar power for my home. This is a powerful alternative within reach of every Southern Company customer. Even buying a single block of Green Energy – $3.50 – will reduce by about 10% the amount of coal or nuclear power, and the resulting pollution, that must be generated for your needs.

Where else can you make a difference for such a tiny investment?

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