Shameless LOPSA plug!

I am proud to be a Charter Member of the League of Professional System Administrators.
The organization’s origin can be traced back to a disagreement circa 2005 between USENIX – The Advanced Computing Systems Organization and one of its several special interest groups: SAGE (System Administration Guild). The short version is that SAGE and its parent organization decided to part company. (Ironically, USENIX still has a sysadmin-oriented special interest group.)

I’d say that overwhelming majority of the members of SAGE had interests in other areas of USENIX, so the separation was emotionally charged for a lot of us. USENIX is an extraordinary organization, and its annual conference, the Large Installation Systems Administration conference, “LISA,” is renowned in Linux/Unix systems and network admin circles as a pinnacle of our professional year.

Anyway, when I joined LOPSA during its formation, I cancelled my USENIX membership as a symbolic statement, and I simply never had a reason to rejoin. As I became unable to work in 2006-2007, I let most of my professional memberships and journal subscriptions to lapse. They had been paid-for by my employer, and they weren’t cheap! I have remained active in only two fine organizations: LOPSA and the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) in order to stay abreast of both the practice and the theory and academic developments in computing and system administration, both as a personal interest and in the hope that I will be able to resume my career.

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